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Entering the campsite implies unconditional acceptance of the following regulations and prices. Please help us to help you have an enjoyable holiday.


  • Access to the campsite is authorised exclusively by the site management; on arrival, guests must present an identification document for legal registration. Documents will be returned once registration has been completed.
  • Clients have the right to check the accuracy of their registration details and are asked to point out any errors or variations.
  • Access to the campsite is forbidden to minors not accompanied by an adult legally responsible for them.
  • Adults are directly responsible for the behaviour of their children. Children must be accompanied when using bathroom facilities and must be supervised when using the playground equipment.



  • CHECK IN: 14:30 - CHECK OUT:11:00
  • Pitches may be chosen by the client following the instructions of the site staff. Pitches must be kept perfectly clean and tidy, especially on departure. All equipment and belongings must be stored tidily within the bounds of the pitch.
  • Parking cars in front of your pitch and moving to another pitch are forbidden.
  • Departing clients must clear their pitch by 11:00 and may not use it thereafter.
  • 220V electric current is provided; in order to avoid blackouts, please do not use high wattage appliances.
  • Should a client temporarily leave his or her pitch completely clear, he or she must display the OCCUPATO sign available at reception.



  • CHECK IN: 14:30 - CHECK OUT:10:00
  • the day of departure you have to leave the housing unit until the 10 o’clock a.m. cleaned and in good conditions. The kitchen corner must be left cleaned and in the order found (included kitchenware, saucepan etc.) and cupboard and the refrigerator must be emptied of any foodstuff.
  • If you damage or break something (plates, glasses, chairs etc.) we kindly ask you to give notice at the reception.
  • when receiving the clean linen, leave the dirty one on the floor out of the mobile home.



  • The barrier at the entrance to the campsite will remain closed during the midday break (12:30 A.M. - 2:30 PM) and during the night (7:30 PM - 08:30 AM). On request and payment of a €5.00 deposit, clients will be provided with a pass to open the barrier (not usable after 12 o'clock midnight).



In the case of emergencies during the night, campsite staff may be contacted by:

  • Ringing the bell (marked M. ALBERTELLA) on the wooden gate on the opposite side of the road to the site.
  • Calling the following numbers: 0039032371190 or 00393358229118.



  • Access to the campsite is forbidden to non-campers.
  • Visitors are admitted at the management's discretion and only on producing an identity document.
  • Clients are wholly responsible for the behaviour of their guests.
  • Should our checks reveal unregistered residents, the client shall be obliged to pay for the unregistered person/s full stay from the day of their arrival.
  • The tariffs indicated in the price list shall be applied after one hour's stay.



  • Bills will be calculated according to the number of nights spent on the campsite. Clients are asked to clear the site by 12.00 pm. A further night's stay will be charged for departures after the stated time.
  • Bills may be paid between 8.30 am and 12.00 pm on the day of departure or during the afternoon of the previous day between 3.00 pm and 6.30 pm. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Please return to reception all passes, electrical adaptors, extension leads, refrigerator keys and any other material lent by the management when you pay your bill.



  • Out of respect for other guests, please avoid creating any form of disturbance or unwarranted noise .
  • Radios and other sound systems must always be played at low volumes.
  • Cars may not enter or leave the campingsite between 12.00 am and 07.30 am.
  • There is a maximum 10 kph speed limit throughout the site.



  • Dogs admitted to the campsite must be supervised at all times and kept on leads both within the campsite grounds and on the beach.
  • Dogs must be taken out of the campsite to defecate and owners are obliged to use the "poop bags" found in the dispensers within the site.



In order to preserve the campsite environment the following practices are forbidden:

  • The digging of trenches and holes in the ground
  • Damaging plants and trees by tying ropes, hammering nails or picking flowers
  • Lighting fires on the bare ground
  • Barbeques are permitted only when they do not disturb neighbouring guests
  • Wasting water (by leaving taps running and playing with water) and electricity

Out of consideration for fellow guests:

  • Please treat the bathroom facilities with respect and keep them clean.
  • Playing in and intentional damage to the bathroom facilities is strictly forbidden.



  • Rubbish must be disposed of exclusively in the differentiated rubbish islands.
  • Waste water must be disposed of in the chemical toilets or the appropriate drains only.



  • Objects found within the campsite should be handed in to the management.



  • The management offers guests a free safe deposit service.
  • The management declines any responsibility for thefts, losses or damage caused to goods or persons or damage caused by atmospheric phenomena (storms, hail etc.), falling trees or branches, diseased plants, epidemics, force majeure.

The management reserves the right to expel transgressors who by breaking the rules cause disturbance and damage the campsite.


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